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”I would and do recommend this product to everyone that wants to change their life style and get healthier by cell restoration at the cellular level. Its working in me and it will work in you too.”

”Bättre sömn samt mycket mer energi. Minskade vallningar och inga migränattacker. Ingen muntorrhet på nätterna. Mindre värk i kroppen. Magen fungerar bättre. Ökad hårväxt, och mycket annat. Både ASEA Redox och RENU 28 hjälper till med det som är i obalans, vi är otroligt tacksamma.”

”In April 2014 I was introduced to ASEA, like most people I was extremely skeptic about what a saline solution can do for my health. I did my research and after all, I am getting older and IF something can help me age more gracefully without side effect or danger WHY NOT! I decided to try for 6months and see what happen. The first month, like most people I experienced an incredible sense of well-being, better sleep, more energy, incredible mental clarity, my friends asking me what I have been doing because I look …. Different like they said refresh! I was happy with the results, I guess I was looking for something bigger! It took me 5 months to have my proof and admit that ASEA was much more than a saline solution.”

”Im starting to be the person I dreamed of being. The person healthy enough to have energy left to play and plan activities with my children. The person I dreamed of been able to clean, sweep, mop, do dishes not just barely once but twice or more a day. Asea is made for people that dare to dream. Its not for wimps, or for the fainted of heart or the unbelievers, or the people that dare not to dream that maybe it is possible… It is possible for something better out there with no side effects that can help us to feel better, that can give us a break from all that pain and discomfort. Giving us a second chance in this life to live a longer and more prosperous healthy fun fulfilled life with the people we care and love. Making every moment the best it can be.
Before I had Asea, all this was just a dream that I was not able to reach no matter how hard I or my doctors planned and tried. After so many days, months and years wasted in being a limited me, now I can be the BEST me… Thanks to the health supplements Im taking and to Asea that helps everything else work better. And this is just the beginning…”

”Redox Gave Me My Mom Back. During my mother’s late stage memory disorder, she forgot how to open her mouth enough to feed her, causing her to lose weight and become frail. After drinking Redox she shook her head, as if adjusting something, and said “I think our brains are getting better”. She opened her mouth to eat and gained weight back. Her blood tests also improved. Redox gave me my mom back: She recognized me, spoke in complete sentences, and told jokes (which is unheard of for those with memory disorders). Reading the title page of a children’s book together “I Love You More”, we said I love you more to each other over and over until we would laugh together and kiss. My mother was able to have a better quality of life and we enjoyed each other’s company for the last five months of her life.”

”I have been taking ASEA for 2 months now. It’s hard to explain the difference but my mind and body feel younger I have ambition and I am excited for the rest of my life. 55 years young. My body is definitely bouncing back after physical activities faster than before. I have no fatigue, no depression, no anxiety, no joint or muscle pain, no insomnia, no colitis, no migraines, no autoimmune issues and my memory is better, my thoughts are faster with solutions, I feel happy, energized, and looking forward to vacations, grandchildren, and competition on my horses.”

”One of the things that have greatly improved very quickly when I started first on ASEA were my nails and hair. But when I added ASEA Via Source, my hair stared growing like crazy!”

”I’m finally get my endurance back and I feel great. So thankful for my health and well being. I will never be without ASEA Redox. I feel younger today than I did 4 years ago. And, I enjoy telling people about a technology that changes lives . . . just like mine. Grateful and Blessed.”